ORICO W8PH4 provides lots of convenience when using electronic devices

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With the rapid development of electronic industry, the computer, tablet as well as mobile phone take irreplaceable place in our daily life. More and more external devices provide us with different fun. However, the USB interfaces seem very limited when using a certain device like a computer or a laptop. If adopting intelligent ORICO W8PH4, then you can have access to four external devices at the same time.
ORICO W8PH4Compared with USB2.0 interface, USB3.0 interface provided by ORICO W8PH4 possesses ten times higher transmission speed. Besides, the super powerful inner core ensures very fast decoding and displaying, and it also provides each interface with the same speed. It’s not only the USB interface collector, but also it works as a power bank consistently charging the connected external device. The most important thing is, this USB port possesses voltage or current overload protection.
As is know to all, repeatedly plugging could shorten the service life of USB ports, but this doesn’t go for ORICO W8PH4. On the contrary, the USB ports perfectly supports hot plugging, which is very easy and convenient for daily use. Generally speaking, it can reasonably manage the power and broadband. Utilizing the latest USB PHY technology, every interface on the USB port can work independently, and each port can retain stable single transmission without interference. In addition, the LED light will shine if the opposite interface is working.
ORICO W8PH4As a matter of fact, ORICO W8PH4 is specially made for office work with multiple needs. For instance, a speaker, a headphone, a printer or a signature board can be connected with computer or laptop via the USB port. And the USB port is compatible with a most computers or laptops on the markets. Personally, I’m pretty into its simple and neat appearance. Anyway, you just have to put the small size USB port on the unimpressive place.

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