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A pen like Hero 9296 will never get out of style

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Fountain Pen is one of the most meaningful creations in the history, which marked the beginning of new and civilized age. Although there are many story about fountain pen, the pen actually is not the main writing tools nowadays. The only chance to use a pen is probably to make signature or in other important occasion. Sometimes, I may question when we start to replace fountain pen with gel pen or ball pen. The conclusion is, I still feel there is a pleasant surprise arising from my heart when I see someone holding a fountain pen like Hero 9296 not for signature.
Hero 9296There is no denying that we live in electronic age with pretty fast pace. Even in the office, we are required to conduct paperless working. Specially for children who were born at 21century, they even have no chance to get access to fountain pen, cause their lives are filled with mobile phone, tablet and gaming machine. The influence is, there is a new generation of young children who are very bad in writing. If you pay attention to your children hand writing, why not send them fountain pens Hero 9296 as gift, maybe they will be pretty fond of the gift.
Hero 9296
Besides, holding a fountain pen sometimes is the way to show respect and attention. There are some rumors that the pen will vanish in our life in the future. On the contrary, the pen plays its irreplaceable role in contract signing. Actually, the legend about how fountain pen came out said that it was made by a merchant who wanted to sign a contract without a word fading away as time went by. Therefore, the signature feature has been retained up to now, and it will keep being retained in the future.
Hero 9296
To be honest, the only group of people who use fountain pen in daily life must be elders or someone possessing pretty beautiful hand writing. Personally, I kind of admire those people, cause they the people who really have good taste and healthy life attitude. Thus, fountain pen has launched into high-end market as present. If you are puzzled to send gift to somebody elder or with noble identity, why not buy them a fountain pen like Hero 9296! I don’t know how they will react, but you definitely choose the right gift. That’s why I say fountain pen will never get out of style.

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