PIPO X7 Mini PC HTPC Quad-Core Intel Atom Windows8.1 Review

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With times goes by, traditional desktop computer will be weeded out! While the large coming out of mini PCs indicates new electronics age. Take PIPO X7 Mini PC for example, the magic “box” adopts capable configuration. Measured 188.5mm in length, 128.5mm in width and 26mm in height, the mini PC weighs 405g with an antenna built out. And I’ll show you more in the next passage!
PIPO X7 Mini PCSmall body as the mini PC possesses, PIPO X7 Mini PC is the first one adopting Intel ATOM processor with quad core CPU Z3736F which greatly promotes response speed. Compared with dual core mini PC, the new one consumes lower energy consumption and it’s 1/10 of the traditional one. In a word, the mini PC perfectly combines features of CPU and GPU, which ensures more powerful mission conduction.PIPO X7 Mini PC
What’s more, PIPO X7 Mini PC is built with 32GB EMMC memory and 2GB DDR3L RAM. And it supports 1080P video display, you have access to full high-definition movies or games. In addition, you’re allowed freely to set inbuilt WIFI wireless network. To enhance heat dissipation ability, the mini desktop adopts fine copper cooling fin. Meanwhile, the disk is endowed with shockproof feature, which is very easy and convenient move or take with users.PIPO X7 Mini PCThere are several standard ports on PIPO X7 Mini PC, namely USB ports, HDMI output port, Bluetooth 4.0, TF card port and RJ45 Internet port and the charging port. The multiple interfaces settings can easily deal with a variety of applications. The mini body won’t be restricted by space wherever you put it. The light blue elegant appearance makes it a decoration standing on the table. And the mini PC is compatible with Windows8.1 operation system.
PIPO X7 Mini PCYou can do anything you want with PIPO X7 Mini PC, such as chatting on Skype, surfing the Internet, watching 1080p full HD video. It can be a monitor when it’s connected with a camera. Overall, this is a mini computer allowing to install the application in order to reach more functions!

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