PLU ML-87 Cherry MX Black Switch Mechanical Keyboard Review

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PLU ML-87 mechanical keyboard is one of the most popular selling mechanical keyboards in the world market today. This mechanical keyboard is supposed to be the be the ultimate keyboard for both amateur and seasoned gamers alike. It claims to have all the right features to make play faster and more comfortable for those hours of playing time. The LCD screen and back lit keys are supposed to help make your playing experience incredible even in the dark of night.

PC Fans World-PLU ML-87 ReviewMaybe someone will confused that do I need a gaming keyboard. There is no doubt that you can operate a standard computer keyboard reasonably well for gaming. One of the most attractive features of PLU ML-87 mechanical keyboard is there incredibly high report rates. They also assure you with the confidence that multiple complex key combinations will actually work and won’t be interrupted and ignored. This allows you to gain those vital few milliseconds ‘in game’ that could literally mean the difference between life and death.

It is one of the best new mechanical keyboards on the market. It leaves the standard keyboards in the dust. If you enjoy gaming you have got to try this keyboard. I had an opportunity to try out the PLU ML-87 mechanical keyboard just this last weekend. I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and get it set up. It was really different from your standard keyboard. I really loved the action of the keys, not mushy at all, and the sound they make is really cool too. I liked the sturdy, solid feel of the keyboard too, not likely to break, even with heavy, continued daily use.

The PLU 87 is a great keyboard for any FPS gamer out there, it really gives you an edge to any game you are playing. I would definitely recommend this keyboard to anyone wanting exceptional performance out of their keyboard.


  1. NICE ONE, I love the color of this keyboard! dark and red with transparent caps, but I don’t like black switch it’s quite normal. IF this got red blue or brown version I’ll consider to own one 🙂

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