PVC A4 Cutting Mat: Double Sided Engraving Board

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Today, I’ d like to show you a double sided engraving board, called PVC A4 cutting mat. This mat is great and perfect for model design cutting and engraving, popularly welcomed by many designers. If you are also curious about this mat, you can continue reading to find more information about it.
PVC A4 cutting mat  Material: PVC
Size: 300x220mm /11.81″ x 8.66″
Thickness: 3mm /0.12″
Color: green
PVC A4 cutting mat
A4 cutting mat
Double sided scale design
PVC A4 cutting mat
Perfect for model design, cutting, engraving usage
Cutting marks heal in seconds
Staying flat, not warp or crack

In a word, this PVC A4 cutting mat is an excellent double sided engraving board, suitable and helpful for designers. If you are fond of designing, this mat is absolutely a useful and practical item for you to possess.

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