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Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse Review

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Enhancing something that is practically amazing is difficult, yet the Razer DeathAdder V2 gives it an incredible go at any rate. A replacement to what in particular is apparently the best gaming mouse ever constructed, this is a fringe with huge shoes to fill.

Also, guess what? Some way or another, the Razer DeathAdder V2 is far superior to its archetype or any other cheap gaming mouse.

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The Design

Regarding looks, the DeathAdder V2 doesn’t wander a long way from its foundations. This plainly exists inside a similar wheelhouse as in the past, bar a few additional items sprinkled to a great extent. Which is no terrible thing – the old DeathAdder mice were attractive at any rate.

The principle contrasts are those new DPI catches beneath the parchment wheel, the last likewise accepting a light makeover as another, more grippy surface. In contrast to the DeathAdder Elite, these are of a square shape and sit inside a section that runs mostly down the mouse.

The elastic holds have likewise felt the advantage of a tidy up. They’re much less eye-catching on the V2 and mix into the general plan pleasantly. They’re more modest than you may expect, for example; it’s a monetary utilization of room.

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In the event that you’ve utilized a DeathAdder previously, you’ll realize what’s in store – and the V2 doesn’t frustrate. If not, you’re in for wonderful amazement. This is one of the happiest with gaming mice we’ve ever utilized, and it’s magnificently grippy. This mouse won’t get away from you regardless of whether you’re throwing it around in games like Apex Legends.

Likewise, snap activity is fresh and responsive. The V2 feels absolute feels fulfilling to utilize; the obstruction is perceptible however not domineering. It sits in the Goldilocks zone, and I don’t have the foggiest idea of whether Razer could do any better. That is on the grounds that its Optical Switches (as found in the Razer Viper) utilize infrared light shafts instead of physical contact to enroll signals, which means there’s little requirement for debounce delay. As per Razer’s details, the switches should last longer than in earlier DeathAdder mice too.

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You’ll be generally dazzled with its speed, however. The 20,000 DPI sensor is ludicrously responsive and precise, offering more prominent control than the majority of the opposition. You needn’t bother with that much, obviously, yet it’s actually welcome for the individuals who need the fastest mouse accessible.


Fulfilling, quick snap

Precise and speedy 20,000 DPI sensor

Enhancements for the scroll wheel grasps, and DPI catches

Extraordinary shape


Could be more sumptuous at the cost


With everything taken into account, the Razer DeathAdder V2 is a wonder – a great bit of equipment designing that is deserving of taking the crown. It finds some kind of harmony between convenience, cost, and highlights, so it goes right to the highest point of our must-have list. Visit to purchase a top-quality gaming mouse.

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