Jumper Ezpad 4S Pro

Review of the Jumper Ezpad 4S Pro: Hottest Tablet These Days

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Personal Computers are very helpful but in the busy life of this century, buying a new desktop is not the most compatible work. So tablets have been introduced to make the people’s experience better with computers. A tablet can do almost anything which a desktop can do and it is about less than the size of a keyboard which makes it super easy to carry anywhere. The Jumper Ezpad 4S Pro is one of them. This tablet has the latest hardware and software technology which results in a smooth and friendly experience with this Jumper Ezpad tablet.


Now let’s look at the specifications of the Jumper Ezpad 4S Pro.

 Jumper Ezpad 4S Pro

1) Processor

This tablet PC has the Intel Atom series X5-Z8350 processor. This powerful processor has 4 CPUs with a clock-speed of 1.44 GHz and it can be overclocked up to 1.92 GHz. The power consumption is relatively very low to its specifications and the Intel Turbo Boost Technology provides high-speed processing in the tablet. The processor has integrated graphics of the Intel HD 400 series which is quite good for this device.


2) RAM

The 4 GB RAM eminently will increase the performance of this Jumper Ezpad tablet. The data transferring is also very good and there is no lagging with this amount of RAM. There is a good framerate even in the heaviest games so the user will enjoy the game at its best.

Jumper Ezpad 4S Pro

3) Display

The screen size is 10.6 inches with a full HD display that provides a great experience for watching videos and seeing bigger size images.


4) Storage

The storage size is 64 GB by default and it can be expanded by installing an external TF card of up to 128 GB to store much more stuff in the tablet PC.


5) Operating System

The Jumper Ezpad 4S Pro tablet has Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 64-bit which has many cool new features and apps and a start menu which can either be opened in full screen or as in Windows 7.


6) Charging

Tablets unlike PCs, need to be charged to keep up working and Jumper Ezpad tablet’s charging speed is pretty fast which saves the time and lasts long too.

Jumper Ezpad 4S Pro

7) Connectivity and Camera

This tablet supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with two USB slots ( 1 micro USB and the other HDMI slot). There is a front camera which can be used to do video calling and capturing images.


So the Jumper Ezpad 4S Pro tablet is a pretty cool tablet under the right amount of price. It has a great and powerful processor and a significant amount of RAM to prevent any performance drops on the device. It’s charging and light weight makes it easier for anyone to carry it. Overall, this tablet has the latest features within its price range and is very user-friendly for everyone.


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