Review of YG-300 Projector: Fashionable Enough and Powerful Enough

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Have you ever been worried about a weight limit of projectors for your business trip? Well…all you need is a handy device, mini projector, which fits easily into your pocket. Here we are talking about YG-300 projector, a LCD mini portable LED projector, with which we can do many things like displaying videos, images or computer data on screen or other plane surface. Now, let’s check it in detail.

Innovative design and perfect smooth finish make this mini projector a combination of fashion and art in shape. White and yellow makes it modern and simple. With the dimensions of 12.5cm×8.5cm×4.5cm, it weighs 0.29kg.


Features and Performance

It is a multimedia projector with high performance player and high quality picture native resolution, 320×240 pixels. The resolution can reach up to 1920×1080. It provides the contrast ratio 300:1, and outputs brightness from 400 to 600 lumens. It sources from LED lamp, which lasts about 30000 hours life time so that you needn’t to replace it.

Equipped with the advanced cooling system, this Mini projector has a good thermal performance so that you do not need to worry about overheating after a longtime working. It supports AV/ CVBS/ HDMI/ USB multimedia interfaces. With this you can connect it to DVD player, Laptops, Computers, Set-top boxes, and Gaming consoles etc.



It adopts high capacity lithium-ion 1300mAh battery, which can last for several hours, long enough. Thus you have no need to look for a socket around to charge it when using.


In conclusion, YG-300 Projector, with an affordable price, $39.99, can replace the large sized LCD TV in market perfectly. Much less, it is fashionable enough and powerful enough. With it, you can enjoy large screen movies with friends and families at home. Also it helps in giving the presentation at large size screen at business and companies.



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