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Rigal RD 814 – The Best and Affordable LED Projector One Must Have

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We need to communicate with audiences in an effective and efficient way which enhances the understanding of the information we want to put across. When the recipients of the content are many we need quality and up to date projector. It helps in expanding the image and video for everyone in a room to see and follow the presentation step by step. Therefore a Rigal RD 814 LED projector provides the best optics, resolution and clarity for any presentation.

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Looks and Design

The device has a dimension of 12cm by 8.5 cm by 4.5 cm hence the relative mini size. The projector has a USB, an AV port and 3.5 mm jack on its right-hand side. It also has a five volts 2 amperes port and a TF card slot on the same right-hand side. It has a lens in the front left side and an input ventilation grills beside it. The gadget has a manual focusing ring just above the lens and buttons beside it. The toggles are the power, OK, Menu, right, left and back button.

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How The Features Offer The Best User Experience

The LED projector has an IR sensor at the right corner that enables the device to be remotely controlled hence very convenient to the operator. The projector has a dust-proof filter in the middle which prevents clogging of the machine and excessive heating. The machine has an updated cooling and heat dissipating mechanism which ensures that it operates at the permissible temperature ranges. The rapid cooling guarantees durability and proper functioning.

Sometimes you cannot find a platform to put the machine on during the presentation. Don’t worry because the device has a stand port below it where you can attach to a tripod for convenience.

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The LED projector has a high-resolution lens that provides a quality image and videos hence a better viewers experience. At maximum resolution, the device gives 25- 80 inches of display hence visible from any point of a large hall. The device has speakers that produce an exceptional sound of not more than 25 decibels. Therefore, viewers can have a great cinema experience that is not harmful to their auditory organs.

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– The device is portable due to its considerable size and weight hence carried easily.

– The projector cools faster.

– Used both indoors and outdoors due to its high image quality.

– It has clear sound and gives a perfect resolution image.

– It doesn’t require frequent cleaning because it is dustproof.

– The device is affordable. Its discounted price is 28 dollars.

– Easy to operate and maintain.

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– One cannot connect other external devices apart from PC or Mobile. However, it is possible with a converter/ adapter but must be compatible with the projector.


The LED projector is the best device to have because it’s dustproof, cheap, efficient, portable, remote controlled, bright, clear, cools easily and provides a great quality optics.

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