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The Right Operation about Refilling Canon CL 241 Refill Ink

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More and more people engaged in printing industry tend to choose compatible ink cartridges, cause these cartridges are allowed to refill and its service life can be lengthened. Of course, the compatible ink cartridges can save you lots of money. but how to make better use of refill ink is also very important. First of all, you should choose reliable brand refill ink like Canon CL 241 Refill. After all, it is produced in standard workshop and adopts the more advanced technology. Besides, the right operation of refilling is remarkable vital. If there is something wrong during the process of refilling, then everything will be ruined.
canon cl 241 refillTherefore, I will show you how to refill Canon CL 241 Refill Ink. First of all, you should gently remove the label on compatible cartridge and let the refilling mouth bare in the air. Secondly, put the cartridge standing on the napkin with nozzle on the bottom. Then, you have to wear a plastic glove and screw down the stopper of the refilling ink bottle, remember be careful not to squeeze the bottle body. Next, insert the injection of refill ink bottle into the refilling mouth until reaching the sponge, and back for 2or 3mm from the bottom. Finally, you can slowly squeeze the bottom of ink bottle, when the ink reaches to two-third capacity of the cartridge, please stop refilling. And then, clean up the dropped out ink and labeled the label you have removed at first step.
canon cl 241 refillIn addition, there are some tips about how to perfectly refill the ink. Before you start to refill, you have to make sure that the cartridge is on good condition. If you feel very strong resistance while refilling Canon CL 241 Refill Ink, there must be something wrong with the cartridge. Besides, you’d better pay attention to the quantity while refilling. If excessive refilling, the printer would get wet by dropped ink, and it will do shorten service life of your printer. Moreover, never let the cartridge exposed in the air after finishing refilling, cause long time exposure could get ink dry and clog the nozzle. In a word, you have to be very careful while refilling.
Canon CL 241 Refill

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