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Sades Headphone: the super powerful headphones born for games

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With 7.1 sound channels to provide Hi-Fi sound, king cobra shell, red bloodthirsty light, sades headphone can instantly transform into a hunter in the dark. As a multimedia stereo headphone, having integrated volume control located on heads and adjustable microphone arm, it is a headphone born for games. Now, lets check out how cool this headphone actually is.
Sades A70First of all, it has big size protein earcaps, which can make you feel comfortable even after long time wearing. What’s more, it can collect the sound from all directions with its all directing microphone. You and your partners won’t have difficulties in exchange information. Adopting red bloodthirsty LED light and the modeling of king cobra, you will feel like that you were dancing with the demons in the dark. This headphone is gonna frighten your competitors. Considering the game players, sades headphone has multi-point head sustaining internal pads to balance the stress of the headphone, which makes it suitable for long time wearing. The heart-shape control allows you to adjust the volume, the on or off of sound and the microphone, and the Klored knitting cable can bear 5 times as much as the pulling strength the traditional cables can support. This is good especially when you are super excited in the game playing.
Why can sades headphone provide Hi-Fi sound? Those features of it are the best reasons. It has 40mm wide-caliber loudspeaker units which provide deep and high-quality bass which will bring you shock and music details you have never had before. You can try listen to the 1812 by Tchaikovsky with this headphone, then you will feel the strength of it. In addition, it is equipped with C-Media high-performance 7.1 sound effect decoding chip. Besides, the OFC 4N copper core inside the knitting cable is better conducive than other kinds of core, and it decrease the distortion of signals. I recommend you to try the Assassin’s Creed 3 which is full of fight scenes with it. The sound quality it provided was rich. The atmosphere brought by the BGM was expressed incisively and vividly. You could hear the leading characters speak clearly and powerfully. The sound of firearms was realistic and natural and the collision sound of metal was clear and melodious. You can easily tell the position of enemies by the sound. That’s the trial i had.
Sades SA-810After reading so many strong features the sades headphone has, i think there’s no doubt about that it is a headphone born for games. As a game player, you really shouldn’t miss it!

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