SADES SA-906 Bring You into Real and Shocked Scenes

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I bet you still have fresh impression about the movie “2012” which is an astounding masterpiece for its real and shocked scenes. Actually, I had reviewed the movie not long ago. In order to experience more shocked “the end of the world”, I opened vibration mode of my SADES SA-906 headphone. The scenes of houses collapsed, the ground opened and tsunami struck became so real, I almost could hear people’s screaming as if I was one of the millions refugees. I think it is in the 3D cinema that you could enjoy such shocked sounds of sky falling and ground tearing.
SADES SA-906You may wonder why SADES SA-906 headphone can create 3D sound. I will tell you it is equipped with external USB sound card and internal high-performance sound decode chip. The headphone is suitable for playing games like “Call of Duty 9” whose game environment is pretty much realistic. With the headphone, you can play games as if you are in the real battlefield. The fire buring, the conveyor roaring above your head, tanks rolling around, bullets whizzing around you and bombs exploding to the ground, your teammates shout to you “Go, Go, Go!” This is the battlefield. Of course you can shout to your teammates. Invisible as it is, the microphone is capable of conveying your words.

You can try SADES SA-906 if you love rock music. For instance, listening to the famous song “Don’t Cry” with the headphone, you could see through the song of helpless, frustrated and resentful emotions. This song receive much tears of million people, and I am sure it will touches your eardrums and heart along with the rhythm of low vibration and the song melody. Besides, the design of pores on the earmuffs is humane which imitates the composition of human skin. In the cold environment, the pores shrink to keep ears warm. In the hot environment, the pores open to dissipate the heat. This headphone not only emphasise your spiritual need, but also take care of your ears.

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