SADES SA707 provides you with precise localization in games

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As game enthusiast, you must know how to get the best record, that is, notice every detailed things and be the initiative person who attacks first. However, sometimes you are possible to killed by your enemy if you did not hear they out. Therefore, you need a high-fidelity headphone like SADES SA707. Especially for shooting game, the enemies often hide in the position where you can not see, your hearing is much more important than your vision. A high-fidelity game headphone would enhance your fighting capacity, because the headphone could make enemies footsteps clear into your ears, then you can get them down at very first time. Besides, you have to make sure your footsteps have turn to the lightest mode so that you would not be discovered and killed by your enemies.
SADES SA-707Take SADES SA-707 for example, it could accurately locate the footsteps at comparatively large range. The inbuilt high performance sound decoding chip realize very detailed sound decoding, which will make you feel you were in the real game environment. Cooperated with the external USB sound card, players could completely hear gunshots outside even they move in the room. And locating the position of enemies turns to be easier through the different sound volume of your two ears. Specially when you play game with a team which fight pretty violent of each member. Even though the mixed sounds are from different direction and are not in the same level, the headphone could clearly and accurately pass what you want to hear.
SADES SA-707As it has been stated, SADES SA-707 is very suitable for playing shooting game in that users could even hear the lowest and lightest sound in the game environment. You would never miss the position of the enemies on account of high-fidelity sound quality allows to hear very footstep of your enemies. Especially when you hear the sound of victory from the game system, or the sound you have get KS, I bet you could not be too excited! If you like playing shooting game such as CS or CF, you better equip a high-fidelity headphone to make your new record.

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