SADES SA901: Suitable for Long Time Wearing

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If you are an enthusiast for games, music or film, you must have high requirement on the headphone. What is most important point when you choosing a headphone? Many people may require the sound quality or some special devices on the headphone. Definitely, all those requirements are very vital features. However, for the people who use headphone for a long time, perhaps headphone comfort is the most important. SADES SA901 is designed according to ergonomics,which is suitable for long time wearing
SADES SA901Compared to the headphones making people uncomfortable for long time wearing, SADES SA901 will let you feel much more pleasant. The pressure of a headphone is always from the head and the ears, so you have to make sure the headphone you chosen is excellently designed in both two parts, if you want to keep your good condition for a long time. The headphone is designed with four points supporting your head, and the internal mat can effectively disperse pressure caused by headphone. Four points on average takes headphone weight, and reduces the pressure of the headphone. The earmuffs use high-grade leather, which very soft to your skin. The leather is filled with soft sponge, it can keep the noise away and even in summer you will not feel stuffy.
SADES SA901SADES SA901 have anti-interference electromagnetic loop around the usb interface, which can reduce the radiation and the leaked electromagnetic wave from electronic equipment. So human bodys will be protected and less radiated. But why does the headphone use the external usb sound card? Actually, the external card can also reduce the electromagnetic radiation, and it receives pure and detailed sound signal making you feel in the real scene. A HIFI headphone receives sound layer by layer, so your ears will not be hurt by disordered sounds and bring you more enjoyment.


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