60 mechanical keyboard


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Today, we’re taking a look at the Skyloong Sk6; it includes a hot-swappable board with optical switches and accompanies PBT Dye sublimated keycaps out of the case. Essentially, this is a redesigned form and upgrade version of the standard GK61 60% console.

60 mechanical keyboard

Design, Construction, and Parts Overview

Finally, for the specific variation that we have here, we have a white case and a set of keycaps that has this combination of white, pink, and lime green for the escape key that looks truly quite ideal for our ladies out there.

As far as the construction, it is genuinely very much manufactured and has a weight of around 585g, and it doesn’t flex at all as the casing is generally thick.

Now, taking a gander along the edge, the bottom housing has this chamfered design with a blend of glossy and matt white finish. It also includes superior design, which implies that the switches are not noticeable, taking a much cleaner look. What’s more, similar to I stated, the keycaps are XDA profile with similar tallness no matter how you look at it. At the rear, we have a much-appreciated USB Type C port.

In conclusion, looking at the back, we have four rubber feet to make this thing remain set up and the typical specialized subtleties and accreditation at the center.

60 Mechanical keyboard

Overall, regarding design, although quite basic and appears to be identical with some other 60% mechanical keyboard out there, at any rate, we have a decent PBT Dye channeled keycap out of the box here, making it look more promising than the others.


Presently, it utilizes the ANSI standard regarding the layout, so searching for swap keycaps for this ought to be easy. However, I’m almost certain one reason why you would consider this console is the keycaps.


Presently as a 60% Mechanical keyboard, there is a considerable amount of a change period since you will lose a lot of valuable keys. In any case,  they made this one pretty simple to progress with much like with the Geek GK61 with the capacity key situated at the lower left side, permitting you to utilize your pinky finger to flip various layers, for example, the bolt keys layer, work keys layer, and all the configurable layers of this keyboard.


Concerning the fonts, we have enormous large fonts on the alphas with more modest ones on the modifiers. The fonts utilized are spotless and rounded, and fortunately not the typical aggressive gamery sort of font, which bodes well since this kind of keyboard with this sort of design is geared towards fanatics more so than gamers.


While we’re busy, we should discuss the keycaps on this keyboard, which is one of its selling points. Like we said before, this keyboard features PBT Dye sublimated keycaps, which implies not just it is more durable than the normal ABS keycaps; however, the legends on these keycaps are likewise totally perpetual since the way toward printing includes heat and essentially makes the ink part of the plastic. The thickness is around 1.4 to 1.5mm.


To adjust the brightness, you should press FN + P or FN + open bracket, and afterward, to cycle through the first set of lighting effects; you can press FN + close bracket you’ll have five distinct effects on this category. The next set is more similar to a set of reactive effects that you can flip by pressing FN + backlash. Afterward, you should press FN + semicolon or FN + quote to change the activity speed. Also, ultimately, to turn on and off the illumination, press FN + backspace.

60 mechanical keyboard


Hot-swappable Board

Powerful software


Wired only


To conclude, the Skyloong SK61 is essentially an improved version of the GK61 that we recently reviewed. It has great form quality, good switch choices, a helpful hot-swappable board, and amazing programming. So, in case you’re searching for your first 60% keyboard, and you don’t require a wireless functionality, at that point, this is a good alternative, particularly that it accompanies a genuinely respectable arrangement of keycaps as of now. Skyloong SK61 is accessible on banggood.com at an available price.

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