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Small Body & Large Memory Desktop Giada I35V Easing Life and Work

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Although this is the age of mini electronics, most people would choose desktop rather than laptop when it comes to working or individual entertainment. However, traditional desktop with faster response and larger memory owns a fatal flaw that it’s too big and heavy to put or move. Well, mini PC Giada I35V wins a plenty of fans in terms of its light weight and stylish mini body. Much smaller than traditional mainframe, it’s more powerful honestly.

Giada I35V
Some people would question its performance when seeing such mini and thin body. The truth is, Giada I35V adopts the latest 32nm Intel ATOM third-generation processor with dual core which greatly promotes response speed. Compared with 445nm processor applied to traditional desktop, the new one takes lower energy consumption and it’s more environmentally friendly. The mini desktop perfectly combines features of CPU and GPU, thus creating terrific visual effect via an inner chip.
Giada I35VAs for the hard disk, Giada I35V utilizes 32G SSD, resulting in faster speed compared with traditional HDD. Meanwhile, the disk is endowed with shockproof feature, which is very easy and convenient move or take with users. What’s more, the mini desktop supports 4K display, so you have access to full high-definition movies or games. In addition, you’re allowed freely to set inbuilt WIFI wireless network. To enhance heat dissipation ability, the mini desktop adopts fine copper cooling fin.
Giada I35V
With 190mm in length, 150mm in width and 25.5mm in height, mini desktop Giada I35V shares the same size with 32K book. All buttons and switches are well arranged on its flanks, including on-off switches, four USB2.0 port, HDMI 1.3 HD port, VGA port as well as network port. The multiple interfaces settings can easily deal with a variety of applications. The mini body won’t be restricted by space wherever you put it. The light blue elegant appearance makes it a decoration standing on the table.

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