Super Bass Stereo OVLENG Q2 Headphone for Music and Gaming Enthusiasts

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For music enthusiasts like me, I would like choose super bass stereo headphone like OVLENG Q2. Characterized by delicate appearance and ergonomics design, the headphone is very suitable for long time wearing. Comfortable over-the-head and around-the-ear wearing style ensures noise blockage, low song leakage as well as great audio quality. Thus, many gaming and music lovers adore it very much.
OVLENG Q2 provides hobbyists with deep, fine and smooth sound highly inheriting the original sound quality. Adopting 40mm large diameter drive unit, the headphone will take you to the real scene of a song or a music video. Specially for people who are fond of games, the super bass stereo effect not only helps you get access to real gaming environment, but also helps you precisely locate the position of your enemy. You’ll be sensitive about very little sound of foot steps when playing shooting game like CF.
OVLENG Q2To ensure hobbyists get the best wearing experience, OVLENG Q2 Utilize high-end PU leather earmuff which is pretty soft to the skin without any pressure. In addition, the big PU earmuff can better gather the sound and let it originally flow into your ears. Moreover, the headphone adopts  allows to be adjusted according to individual size because of dual-head type design. However big head or small head you have, the headphone will be perfectly fit for you. All in all, the ergonomics headphone is very comfortable to wear.

Last but not least, OVLENG Q2 allows to connect with desktop computer, laptop, PM3/4 player, cellphone, iPad, tablet and etc. Characterized by extreme light earphone body, the headphone is sharply reduced the load for long time wearing. Besides, the braided cable is very durable and very easy to manage, meanwhile, it possesses very nice signal anti-interference ability. If you are music or gaming enthusiasts strict with sound effect, the super bass stereo headphone could very  nice choice.

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