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Anne Keyboard Banggood Presale, Decent RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

For different people, the computer plays a different role, but in any case, all components must be easy to use. In this issue, only new development may help. Today, new developments, wireless […]

IKBC KBC F-104 PBT Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard Review

Although you can operate on a standard computer keyboard reasonably well for gaming. But I think you need to have the mechanical gaming keyboard. Such as IKBC KBC F-104 Cherry MX […]

Ducky DK9087 G2 Pro Cherry MX Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard Review

Ducky DK9087 G2 was a bit of a sleeper hit in the call for contenders thread. Ducky, much like Filco, has a bit of a reputation for making incredibly high-quality […]

FlashGet G800 104 keys Cherry Black Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Review

To many people, they should think that a keyboard is a keyboard, but I think it is not quite. The gaming mechanical keyboards with individual switches or each key are […]

HEC Attack X Red Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Review

If you are a gamer, you must have a powerful keyboard.I’m using HEC Attack X Red Backlit Mechanical Keyboard.My take on mechanical keyboard is that it’s one of those peripherals […]

DARE-U LBOTS Mechanic Cherry MX Black Mechanical Keyboard

When it come to gaming, unique peripherals give personal computer players a aggressive edge above their rivals. Keyboards and mice are the weapons of choice for those who play on […]

Ducky DK2018s Orange LED Cherry MX Brown Switch Mechanical Keyboard

The Ducky DK2018s mechanical keyboard is one of the most popular selling  gaming keyboards in the world market today. This gaming keyboard is supposed to be the be the ultimate […]