The Best Budget Customized Keyboard Kits for DIY Builds

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If you’re looking for the best collection of mechanical keyboards, you’ve come to the right place.

With so many different board sizes and variables to choose from, determining the right set for you can be a time-consuming process, especially if you’re just starting out.

That’s why we created this handy list to help narrow things down.

1. MKB87 87

The MKB87 TKL is an easy-to-assemble mechanical keyboard set. It has a standard layout of 87 keys with sockets for three and five hot-swappable terminals. Plus, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and a USB Type-C port, the device works both wirelessly and wired.


The case is made of a solid plastic case and feels good and strong when light. Underneath are two adjustable three-legged rear legs. The hidden cable connection and Bluetooth on/off switch are located halfway between the legs.

On top of the device is a thick metal plate that doesn’t ring or ring. Unfortunately, while it adds stability to the board, it cannot be removed from the board. As a result, minor problems may arise if you need to re-lubricate or replace an existing stabilizer.

On the plus side, the 1900 mAh battery life is excellent and can last more than a week of intensive use. To indicate a low battery level, the green light is activated under the interval and the RGB backlight is not lit. Overall, this is a great DIY keyboard set for beginners.

2. Drop CTRL

The Drop CTRL barebones is a premium mechanical keyboard that has it all. As a scaled-down version of the full-size keyboard, it features 87 keys in a compact TKL design. However, there is still room for a full set of function keys, arrow keys, and navigation keys.


Constructed with an elegant aluminum frame, the build quality is sturdy and has a certain weight. The frame not only provides strength, it also acts as a built-in control panel. This makes it compatible with a wide variety of panel mount switches (3 poles).

RGB backlighting is another important feature of CTRL. A diffuse light strip covers the entire keyboard body and each switch has a separate LED on the circuit board. The lighting for each button can be set to one color or on at the same time for a large number of custom models.

With the exception of lighting, all buttons and macros are fully programmable via the QMK firmware. With so many customizable options, you have complete control over your game.

3. Geek custom GK61X GK61XS

The Geek custom GK61X GK61XS is a popular Bluetooth mechanical keyboard kit that covers many areas. Not only is it wireless, but it also has 61 key slots, each of which is individually illuminated with multiple RGB LED lighting options. Moreover, it is fully compatible with Windows and Mac devices.

Mechanical keboards

Capable of accepting all types of switches, this outlet’s ability to heat exchange is another great selling point. Accepts Cherrys, Gaterons, and Kailhs, etc. no soldering required. To save even more time, the panel mounting blades are pre-lubricated right out of the box.

Even though the case is made of plastic, the quality is a bit high. There is a bit of flexibility on the board which is a big plus. Apart from that, there is a solid white metal plate at the top which looks stunning as it reflects the bright RGB light. The lighting effects are also pretty good with lots of preset modes.

The built-in GK61 software also gives you complete control over the performance of this keyboard. While it may be a little difficult to understand at first, when setting up a macro or layer you can assign each button individually, and there are many other advanced options available.


The 3 customized mechanical keyboards that I have reviewed in this article are all wonderful. All of them have been carefully selected to be featured in this review. Should you consider getting one for yourself, then Banggood is the best most reliable marketplace.

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The Best Budget Customized Keyboard Kits for DIY Builds
Article Name
The Best Budget Customized Keyboard Kits for DIY Builds
Everyone seems to love mechanical keyboards, from basic users to gamers. However, many people want their mechanical keyboard in a particular design and appearance. What I tend to achieve in this article, is to show you the best keyboard kits that are budget-friendly.

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