Xiaomi Wired Keyboard

The New Extraordinaire Xiaomi Wired Keyboard

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Have you ever been stressed so much by the model of your keyboard? The keyboard is so noisy and annoying. The keyboard does not have the grip or you type and the characters show up on your screen after fifteen seconds. I promise you, you will flip when this happens. A good keyboard does not just help you type, a good keyboard makes your life easy. A great keyboard is ergonomic. Why say ergonomic, this keyboard is made of split-keys; you will when using this keyboard because you are so comfortable using it.


While typing you don’t have to place your hands in an awkward manner to reach for some keys. It hurts and causes hand strains. Moreover, a good keyboard must have extra function keys. These keys allow for volume increase and decrease, app launching and music player control just to add to your keyboarding experience. A good keyboard is appealing, you must love what you are looking at, what you are typing on.

Xiaomi Wired Keyboard

Where do you get all these features? The Xiaomi Wired Keyboard is that magical keyboard, the keyboard of your dreams. The Xiaomi keyboard comes in two colors; black and white. You get to choose what suits you, what color connects with you.

Xiaomi Wired Keyboard

Durable materials

The Xiaomi Wired Keyboard is made up of an Aluminium alloy texture shell which gives it a perfect finish, you will love the texture of this keyboard and the elegance that accompanies it. You want to be error-less in your typing, the Xiaomi wired keyboard is the best deal

in town.


Ergonomic designs

How painful is your typing experience as a programmer? You sit at your PC all day long, keeping your software running, this experience should be a fine and smooth one. The Xiaomi wired keyboard has a Cherry Red Switch, a 4 mm actuator travel, a 2 mm pretravel, with a 50 million clicking life that offers you light and a smooth feel handle. You have a Mac-OS, the Xiaomi wired keyboard comes with a separate CMD keycap that suits this OS.

Xiaomi Wired Keyboard

Reasonable layouts

I haven’t talked about the amazing 87 key layouts. The Xiaomi wired keyboard’s key layout is mind-blowing, occupies less space on your desk or workstation and makes it easy to take it out whenever you wish to.


The Xiaomi wired keyboard is a long-term solution for all PC users. With the Xiaomi wired keyboard your programming, gaming and typing experience is going to improve, your computer life is going to be better.



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