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The mobile gadget technology has evolved for the past few years, every year new gadgets keep emerging in the market. This evolution of technology has seen Giant companies like Sony and LG which were doing well a couple of years ago scramble to stay up due to Chinese tech companies producing mobile gadgets which are similar but at half price. CHUWI Hi10 PLUS being one of a kind that the Chinese company has just introduced to the market.

Chuwi Hi10 Plus

incredible screen

Chuwi Hi10 Plus gadget is an adaptive all-metal 10.8-inch tablet with a vivid 1920 × 1280 touch screen technology. The screen display is generation 8 with high definition graphics which brings all your videos and photos to reality display.


unbeatable speed

Chuwi Hi10 plus is equipped with a well modified Intel X5 Trail processor with a high speed of processing power of 1.92GHz – the new generation processing of acceleration. This makes the Chuwi tablet easy to navigate the home screen and all its applications. Not only does the Chuwi tablet meet the maximum performance requirements it’s also user-friendly when it comes to power saving.

Chuwi Hi10 Plus

massive storage

The Hi10 plus Chuwi tablet can run a variety of applications and tasks without any problems thanks to the 4GB high-speed DDR3L RAM installed in it. It has 64GB storage with extended micro SD of up to 128 GB; this is perfect for the user because he will have more storage room for his applications and entertainment space.


unique design

The Hi10 plus is powered with 3.1 USB type –C port which is uniquely designed. The gadget also has some features that support OTG extension, HDMI output to your TV set to enhance you display abilities, projectors and any other media that support the HDMI technology. This kind of technology will enable the user to easily switch from your Chuwi tablet to your smart TV when working or watching.

 Chuwi Hi10 Plus


The Chuwi tablet weighs around 690g with an enhanced thickness of about 8.5mm which makes it very slim and it also comes with a keyboard case. Mostly the keyboard case is of lightweight and very easy to type on. It has built-in lithium battery with a quick charger enhancement with taking approximately 5 hours to fully complete charging. You can play games, listen to your music and watch your favorite videos for up to 4 to 6 hours approximately under normal applied circumstances.


powerful features

The most significant part about the Chuwi Hi10 plus tablet is that it operates like a computer and for someone with office work and online writing there is a lot to get from this gadget because it has enough features to enable you to work with it.


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