Three Best RGB Mechanical Keyboards With High Performance

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Each keystroke on a well-crafted keyboard should be a unique pleasure: each click provides ideal tactile feedback, and each key is tailored to your aesthetic. If you spend most of your day typing, programming, or gaming, a mechanical keyboard can be a convenient, customizable upgrade over the flat, blunt keyboard that came with your computer.

We’ve tested several keyboards and our recommendations for the best mechanical keyboards are listed below. If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard, check out the best gaming keyboards.

1. GamaKay MK61

The Gamakay MK61 mechanical keyboard is equipped with PBT dual pudding keyboard which makes your fingers feel smoother, more durable, and doesn’t shine easily like ABS keyboard cover. It is also equipped with a Gateron 5000W optical switch.

Available in a variety of colors such as yellow/green/red/brown/blue, all with RGB backlighting with 6 themed lighting effects and 16 million customizable colors. It is rated to IPX4 which makes it waterproof with an ergonomic design that makes the device very durable and long lasting without jingles.


Gamakay MK61 can work with Windows and Linux computers and even macOS. The device has programmable buttons and a large capacity internal memory, which can be used not only for creating text content, but also for gaming thanks to the attractive RGB-LED backlight.
The great value of this device is that it can work wirelessly with almost any computer and even with devices other than PCs such as smart TVs and tablets. A great example is the MT08 2.4G Air keyboard mouse, which is portable and designed as a gamepad.

2. Gamakay K61

We’ll start with an acrylic keyboard, the GamaKay K61. This board has Gateron switches and it has interchangeable Gateron slots so you can compare it to other types of switches.
There are a total of 18 RGB modes and you can replace them with the right Fn + Ctrl key. The K61 comes with the usual Gateron Red, Brown, and Blue switches, and there are additional line options, including Black and Yellow.

The lid is made of double ABS with a smoother finish, in contrast to the textured surface. The walls are 0.8mm thick but don’t feel fussy at all. The acrylic case is quite strong.

3. GamaKay K66

The layout and design of the Gamakay K66 is almost similar to that of the Gamakay K87, the only difference being the size of the keyboard. From the key covers, the font and cover styles are pretty much the same. The Gamakay K66 has 66 keys on a 60% keyboard layout, which has more keys than a normal 60% keyboard.

As expected, the processing quality is excellent, the keyboard body is made up of 3 layers of acrylic PMMA. The buttons are made of ABS plastic and have a minimalistic font style. ABS keyboard covers are thinner, cheaper, and lighter than PBT keyboard covers.
Since it has a PMMA acrylic case, you can see RGB lighting on the keyboard case in addition to the RGB switch lights.


Overall, the three mechanical keyboards that we have reviewed in this article are all tested and trusted. They will provide you with the everything you could ever need in a mechanical keyboard. The best part of it all is that they are very affordable. I will recommend you purchase one at the ongoing Banggood summer prime sale which started on June 21st and will end on July 10th. Banggood is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

Three Best RGB Mechanical Keyboards With High Performance
Article Name
Three Best RGB Mechanical Keyboards With High Performance
Mechanical keyboards are not your regular keyboards due to its eye-catching features. There are so many top quality mechanical keyboards out there but in this article we will be reviewing the best three out of them.

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