Cager BK50 Laser Keyboard

Three in One Cager BK50 Laser Keyboard For Daily Use

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Cager BK50 laser keyboard is a three in one product, able to be used not only as laser virtual keyboard, but also as power bank and Bluetooth speaker. Getting one item, you can experience different uses in everyday life. To know more details about this keyboard, you can read the following, which will introduce it to you clearly.

Cager BK50 Laser Keyboard

As a laser virtual keyboard, this Cager BK50 is extremely easy and convenient to use. Click brings to inspiration flash.

Cager BK50 Laser Keyboard-1

This laser keyboard supports multi-touch, keyboard and mouse function in one. Multi-touch recognition technology is applied to meet more operational requirements.

Cager BK50 Laser Keyboard-2

Cager BK50 laser keyboard features ariware level laser head. Laser engraving head image through nanometer technology ensures brightness unabated.

Cager BK50 Laser Keyboard-3

Using advanced three-dimensional electronic identification technology, with the world’ s unique central processing unit, and a dual laser and a separate light-sensitive cells, the use of complex trigonometric algorithms, can create global stability and sensitive laser keyboard, reaching word recognition rate of 350/min.

Cager BK50 Laser Keyboard-4

This keyboard has a perfect size, flexibly used between fingers. Standard type integrated keyboard design, 68 key operations for all applications, and the perfect projection size derived from numerous research and mapping, can meet the needs of different requirements. Sound and light combine, key sound broadcast, percussion key acoustic feedback, and voice broadcast can be set, so that every percussion can ring.

Cager BK50 Laser Keyboard-5

This laser keyboard supports Bluetooth connectivity. You can set voice, broadcast function, and the corresponding keyboard can read out A, B, C, D.

Cager BK50 Laser Keyboard-6

Except as laser virtual keyboard, this Cager BK50 can be used as fashionable power bank, a carriable mobile phone power station, and it can also be applied as Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to enjoy your music time freely.

It is easy to see from the above that this three in one Cager BK50 laser keyboard is an extremely useful and practical product. If you need keyboard, Bluetooth and power bank, this product is definitely your top choice.

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