Triangle Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device

Triangle Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device: Tracer Finder For Various Things

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When wandering on the market, I find an extremely interesting and funny thing, called triangle Bluetooth anti-lost device. It is a key, item, pet, kids, luggage bag tracer or finder. With this device, you can no longer worry about looking for something.

Triangle Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device

To know more details about this device, you can read the following.

Triangle Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device-1

This device has applied special design, making it easy to match. One click, items alarm, making it hard to lose.

Triangle Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device-2

This triangle Bluetooth anti-lost device features intelligent alarm in monitoring scope. When the item is over the safe distance, the phone and the item will arise the sound at the same time.

Triangle Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device-3

This device also features remote photo without delay. The item can do as the remote, and help you take photo.

Triangle Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device-4

Moreover, this device can record position and remind connection. It will record the location of your item apart, and it can also display in the map. That’ s really impressive and amazing.

In a word, for tracing or finder, this triangle Bluetooth anti-lost device is really great and excellent. If you need to looking for something, this device is definitely the best helper for you.

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