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TV Box is not the Past, but the Present & the Future

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Many people think, that TV box is in the past. They ask: “In the era of the high-speed Internet, modern smart phones & other devices, why do we need a TV box?”. Historically, TV box appeared at the beginning of 20th century, when a human being didn’t even know about IT explosion in the 21st century. So there is a reason, why people can ask such question. Let’s explain, why TV box is still useful, helpful and, what is more important, convenient for us. Let’s prove, that TV box is not the past, but the Present and the Future.


Just image, what are you doing usually, when you have just come home? 90% of us switch on the TV. It doesn’t matter for what reason: to watch the news, listen to music, see the score of an NBA match, or just for a background effect. We do this all the time. Moreover, it doesn’t matter, what kind of TV box we have in our apartment. It could be such Android boxes as Minix Neo Android TV Streaming Player, Amazon Fire or EVANPO Smart TV Box. By the way, with the 1st Android Box (Minix Neo) you can do all the things, which are currently doing via your laptop or smart phone. You can surf the Internet, play games, text with your friends and, of course, watch TV in HD, 4K movies & TV shows from the Internet. Nowadays android box combines computer, smart phone, and TV – all in one device. Minix Neo Android Box supports wireless keyboard and mouse. There is a list of languages to choose, so you can start learning the new one just by surfing the setting (in Spanish), for example.

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Different types of Android Boxes have various features. Do you use Siri on your iPhone? Well, with “Amazon Fire” Android Box you can use Alexa Voice Remote to control your TV Box using audio commands. No matter “App store” or “Google store” you use for downloading applications and games on your smart phone, actually you can do the same process using Android Box: all apps, games, movies & etc., which you prefer.

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Absolute wireless. Forget about wires, cables, conductors & etc. Using WIFI and Bluetooth you won’t have any problems with connectivity. Moreover, with EVANPO Smart TV Android Box you will have a wireless keyboard. So all is made for customer’s comfort and convenience.

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To conclude and summarize all, what was written above it should be said, that Android Box is the next generation of modern devices. Now it’s unique opportunity to combine all desires and needs in one place – Android Box. Smart phones can be too tough for elder people, computers can be not so convenient and 100% with another image quality. In this case, Android Box is the best option for everyone: from young to elder people.



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