UC28+ HD Multimedia LED Projector

UC28+ Mini HD Multimedia LED Projector Makes Your Home A Theater

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Do you want to make your home a theater? If yes, here is a tip for you, that is getting UC28+ mini HD multimedia LED projector for your home. With this multimedia LED projector, your home will definitely become a nice theater, allowing you to enjoy movies to the fullest. And now, let’ s have a close look at this useful and great projector together in the following in details.

UC28+ Mini HD Multimedia LED Projector

Small and light weight, portable to carry with
Professional appearance design for ventilation, largely improving the stability and life time for the projector

UC28+ Mini Multimedia LED Projector

Multi-function interface, like VGA, AV,SD, USB input
LED lamp working for over 20,000 hours, providing beautiful colors

UC28+ Mini HD LED Projector

Vehicle power supply supported, easy to use
Manual focus adjusting, getting picture from 20 to 80 inches
Rollover image which supports upward and downward installation
Easy changing in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio, low power consumption, echo-oriented.

UC28+ HD Multimedia LED Projector

Turning any wall into a complete cinema experience with the LED projector
Watching DVDs, family videos, listening to music, viewing pictures and more

It is obvious from the above that this UC28+ mini HD multimedia LED projector is a great and excellent equipment for you to have, enabling you to make your sweet home a theater. Purchasing it for yourself, you will definitely feel no regret.

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