EAGET V9 USB Flash Drive

Ultra Mini EAGET V9 USB Flash Drive For PC Tablet Smart Phone

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Today, I am going to introduce you an ultra min flash drive, named EAGET V9 USB flash drive. This flash drive is officially licensed, allowing you to move and copy files between your Android device and your desktop, notebook, PC without using a bulky cable.

EAGET V9 USB Flash Drive
If you are curious about this flash drive and desiring to know more about it, you can read the following.

EAGET V9 USB Flash Drive-1

This flash drive has unibody design. V9 ensures great durability and offers high protection for the drive body, promising complete resistance to water, dust and vibration.

EAGET V9 USB Flash Drive-2

This EAGET V9 USB flash drive has ultra small and tiny size, making it portable and convenient to use.

EAGET V9 USB Flash Drive-3

With cap-less swivel design, it can offer additional protection and allow user to use and store with just a thumb push, and avoid annoying cap-loss problem. This flash drive has USB for PC, and it can easily transfer files between smart phone, tablet and computer. It also has Micro USB, compatible with Android tablet or smart phone with a Micro USB connector.

EAGET V9 USB Flash Drive-4

Applying brand new original A+ flash chips, this flash drive is quite advanced and practical. Top class flash chips ensure extremely fast, stable, secure and reliable performance. Certified by FCC, CE and ROHS, this flash drive is safe and secure to use.

EAGET V9 USB Flash Drive-5

According to the test results of FastCopy 1.63, the Eaget V9 reading speed reaches to 26.8Mb/s while writing speed is as fast as 6.993Mb/s.

EAGET V9 USB Flash Drive-6

With this fast speed flash drive, you can copy photos and videos to your desktop or notebook for safekeeping, share music and media between your PCs and your Android devices, or just leave it connected to the Micro USB port for a huge boost to your device’ s storage capacity. This flash drive is really useful and multifunctional for daily use.

In short, this ultra mini EAGET V9 USB flash drive is an excellent and great equipment for PC, tablet, smart phone. Buying it for yourself, you will definitely feel no regret.

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