EWA D503 Wireless Speaker

Ultra-thin Portable EWA D503 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Recently, a new ultra-thin portable Bluetooth speaker appears on the market, called EWA D503 wireless Bluetooth speaker. This speaker is well designed, extremely practical and functional in daily life. The topic today is about this speaker, and the discussion will focus on its designs and performance. And now, let’ s talk about it together in the following in details.

EWA D503 Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerExpanded bass system driving a richer low frequency response
Built in rechargeable battery, charged by computer via USB interface
Built-in microphone, enjoying hand-free call
Built-in charging battery and built-in high sensitivity microphone, listening music anywhere
Long talk time and standby time with low power consumption

EWA D503 Wireless SpeakerSupporting answer calling and micro SD card
Playing MP3 format files in the micro SD card (up to 32GB)
Supporting switch songs and volume control
Working with most of Bluetooth enabled devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc

After discussion, you can understand how excellent and practical this ultra-thin portable EWA D503 wireless Bluetooth speaker actually is from the above. If you need a high quality high performance speaker, this one is definitely a good option for you to have.

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