XCY-X30 mini PC

Understanding the XCY X30 Mini PC Intel Core i3-4010Y

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 The XCY X30 mini comes in a somewhat ordinary box; inside there is the main unit, the power adopter, and documentation in CN language. The main unit is all aluminum/metal. X30series is fanless meaning, it operates 24hrs and does not cause any noise

Bmax B1 Mini PC


XCY X 30 minis PC comes with chipset Intel I3-4010Y CPU, and it provides you a smooth experience to watch the videos or play games. With a USB 3.0 port, make the transmission faster than before. Its faster speed gives you higher working efficiency. What’s more, the mini PC is also the best choice when it comes to your family’s entertainment, where you can have your family members use it to watch TV shows or play games.

  • Powerful processor – it is equipped with Intel I3-4010Y CPU which is advanced in image processing and computing. It has a high machine configuration that offers you smooth image processing performance as well as an ultra-fast running speed. What’s more, with the HDMI 1.0 data output, you are able to enjoy all types of videos, including 4K movies.
  • Advanced operation system

Support the fast and powerful Windows 10 operating system.  The X30 mini PC support dual-screen, reduce the waiting, and improve your work efficiency. Say goodbye to the system freezing and buffering.

This way, you get to enjoy home streaming media player, feel free to enjoy all your favorite movies, sports shows, and entertainment programs. And you can also save games, movies, and TV shows you like.

Precautionary rules and guidelines  

And as any electronic device, the mini pc comes with its fair share of precaution rules and guidelines;

  1. Failure to use the included power adapter violates the regulatory, compliance guidelines, and it may end up exposing you, as the user, to numerous safety hazards
  2. The XCY X 30 minis PC Support Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 system, and Linux system.
  3. Do not use harsh cleaning products, use a soft cloth to wipe or dust.
  4. Be very careful of electric shock.

It is safe to conclude that The XCY X30 MINI PC was a nice and very affordable surprise.

Its rich connectivity and the quality fanless chassis is not something you easily find more, it also makes it possible for you to add an 8GB RAM module and an SSD drive and you will end up with a capable MINI PC that will handle your basic daily tasks with ease and low power consumption. Certainly a good deal right?



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