Universal Laptop Car Charger

Universal Laptop Car Charger: supplying power for most leading brands of laptop

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Sometimes the laptop goes out without a notice, if you were urgent to carry your laptop with important files to a meeting, and the bad thing just happened, then what can I do for you? Of curse I can do nothing for you, but the Universal Laptop Car Charger can. As we know, car charger nowadays has been added with more convenient performance. At very first, it is just made for mobile phone charging and provides ease for smokers in the car. Apparently, it has to use for laptop or tablet charging with the fast development of electronics.
Universal Laptop Car ChargerTo match with different types and brands laptop, Universal Laptop Car Charger owns adopts the universal USB port, which is suitable for a variety of laptops including IBM, Song, Dell, HP, Apple, NEC, Toshiba, Compaq, Fujitsu, Samsung, Touchmate, Acer, LG, Sharp, Lenovo, ASUS and many other brands. And I bet your computer brand must be on the list,and I’m tired to name them one by one. Driving a car to a long distance place seems to be much inconvenient, and you can kill the time if you get a laptop car charger. No matter for laptops, tablet or mobile phone, you can play them for very long time as you like.

In addition, the 2 in 1 Universal Laptop Car Charger can be used both home and in the car, just remember to connect and select output voltage to suit your laptop before use it. If you are still worried to choose the right laptop car charger, why not considering this one? If you like, you can also use it as a cigarette lighter after simple refitting. Personally, I think it is a convenient and practice charger that could meet different needs of people. And it is simply made so that you can install or disassemble it any time you like.

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