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It rarely happens that one extra letter in the name of the standard threatens to revolutionize the world of data interfaces and gadgets, but the emergence of the latest varieties of 3.1, the USB, and the Type C appeared to be exactly the case. What promises to bring us to the next update of the old USB interface?


Data transfer rate is up to 10 GBps. The ability to energize from the port to the power consumption of the devices is up to 100W. This USB Type-C Female Converter is comparable to micro-USB. The symmetry of the connector – it does not exist up and down, and therefore there is no key, which often leads to damage as the connectors themselves and connected via these gadgets. With the VENTION VAS-S10, device can be fed with a voltage up to 20 volts.


There are no longer different connector types – A and B. On both ends of the cable connectors are completely identical. As the data and the supply voltage can be transmitted through the same connector in both directions. Depending on the situation, each connector may act as a master or slave. We promise that the connector design is capable of withstanding up to 10,000 connections. You can use this USB Type-C Converter to connect directly instead of some other widespread interface for fast data exchange.


You can get the VENTION VAS-S10 USB Type-C Converter at Banggood.


  • Type: TYPE-C
  • Connectors: USB 3.1 Type C Male to Micro Female
  • Color: White/Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 23 x 10 x 5(mm)
  • Type: USB-C Adapter/Micro USB Connector/USB 3.1 Type-C Male to Micro USB Female Converter
  • Features: Efficient design/Nickel plating/Easy carrying


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