Using Tips Of Canon MX925 Ink Cartridge

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Canon MX925 ink cartridge is a practical and indispensable item for printing, compatible with Canon Pixma iP7250, Canon Pixma MG5450 and MG6350, as well as Canon Pixma MX925. In order to make full use of the ink cartridge, here are some using tips for you.

After a long-distance transport, due to road bumps or man throw, ink cartridge compartment may be with bubbles. It’ s better to place it for some time and then install on the machine. If you are not eager to use it, it is recommended to save the ink laying the outlet down. For immediate use, you should throw down the ink outlet several times to exhaust air inside the cartridge and ensure printing smoothly.
Canon MX925 ink cartridge
When replacing new Canon MX925 ink cartridge, you should clean the print head before the original cartridge runs out. If there is disconnection or lack of color, you need to remain the ink cartridge in the printer within 20 to 30 minutes. If the printing problem still exists, you must test the print head 1 to 3 times until it prints smoothly according to the printer manual. If the printer does not recognize the ink, you can remove the ink cartridge than re-installing it. If the printer still does not work, you can try to restart the printer.
Canon MX925 ink cartridge
You should not remove the ink cartridge from printer before it runs out. You need to turn on the printer at least once a week to prevent the printer head blocked. You should make the ink cartridge run out in 6 months to ensure the best printing performance.
Canon MX925 ink cartridge
Those using tips matter a lot in fully utilizing this canon ink cartridges cli 551 for smooth and excellent printing. It is hoped that you can keep those tips in mind and make full use of the ink cartridge.

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