VOYO Q101: Start Your New Tablet PC Era

As the increasing population of electronic products, people tend to be addicted to the joy of technology. Mobile phone, computer, smartwatch, intelligent robot and etc., are everywhere. I must say because of the development of computer and Internet, people can know everything without going outside. For the sake of portability, tablet PC is also another progress of the new technology, which makes you bring it freely.

These years, due to its a promising list of features, tablet PC has gained a lot of popularity from the young generation. For one thing, it is so portable that you can bring it whenever and wherever possible especially for your business trip. In my view, it is the most outstanding features than the desktop computer. For another, tablet PC, as your digitization notebook, accords with the principle of Greenism. By digital ink, you are capable of making a note or downloading your favorite videos and pictures as you want.

Obviously tablet PC is favored by computer producers. Among various of products in the market, VOYO Q101 is a good option.


It is designed in a 10.1 inch FHD IPS screen with the resolution of 1920*1200, which is really perfect for watching movies or playing games in such a big screen.


Besides, the whole operation is powered by the built-in MT6753 64bit octa-core processor with 2GB cache, 32GB eMMC and in addition, it can be put into external Micro SD card which can be up to 64GB, making sure the enough room for storage and ensuring the operation speed. Beyond that, its battery is no less striking. With 5000mAh battery capacity, its standby time can be more than one day. Normally speaking, it can be used for 5-8 hours because of the smart battery system.

Of course, VOYO Q101 is not just a simple tablet PC but a camera that records your every wonderful moment in your life. It is featured with a 2-megapixel front-facing camera and 5-megapixel rear camera with flash lamp. Both of these cameras can provide you with wide angle to see the bigger world.


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