KH-50 LED Bluetooth Speaker

Why Can KH-50 LED Bluetooth Speaker Sell Well

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Recently, a new Bluetooth speaker appears on the market, called KH-50 LED Bluetooth speaker. This speaker gains good sales as soon as it is released, popularly welcomed by the young. According to interviews and feedback of customers, it shows that this speaker is so popular because of its high quality and high performance, which will be explained in the following in details.

KH-50 LED Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is small in size. It is 6cm in length and 6cm in diameter, quite easy to carry. Made of metal, this speaker is super sturdy and durable for long time use.

KH-50 LED Bluetooth Speaker-1

This small and lightweight KH-50 LED Bluetooth speaker has built-in microphone, and it can answer to the phone calls when paired with mobile phone. With Bluetooth, it can be used anytime and anywhere without bothering from a mess of cable. This speaker supports MP3 function, TF/Micro sd card and USB, quite useful and practical. It also has radio function, allowing you to enjoy life more happily.

KH-50 LED Bluetooth Speaker-2

This functional and practical Bluetooth speaker is charging by USB. After charged, it is especially suitable to use while being outdoor, doing sports, driving and so on. Listening to music or radio while outside is really amazing and fantastic.

In a word, thanks to its high quality and high performance, this KH-50 LED Bluetooth speaker becomes extremely popular and famous, allowing users to have a wonderful trip with music on. It is no wonder that this Bluetooth speaker sells well on the fiercely competitive market.

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