MeeGoPad T04 Mini PC

Why Choosing MeeGoPad T04 Mini PC

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Recently, a new mini PC is released on the market, named MeeGoPad T04 mini PC. This new mini PC gains order immediately after launched. It is said that this mini PC is so popular and famous because of its outstanding and remarkable features, which will be illustrated in the following in details.

MeeGoPad T04 Mini PC

Meegopad T04 is the world first Intel Cherry Trail box, running faster than Bay Trail Intel Cherry Trail inside, a powerful CPU, working perfect on Windows 10×64. It has Intel HD GEN8 GPU dual performance, playing 2D games freely.

MeeGoPad T04 Mini PC-1

This MeeGoPad T04 mini PC features smart quiet fan, better cooling design for better working performance. Mobile APP can control TV, mobile screen as keyboard and mouse.

MeeGoPad T04 Mini PC-2

This mini PC can be connected with TV, monitor, projector, and others. It supports 4k*2k, allowing you to enjoy HD movies comfortably and pleasantly. This mini PC can be used in office, training, meeting, on business, study, dinning room, hotel, and so on. It is really multifunctional and practical in daily life.

By now, after knowing the above, you can understand why choosing MeeGoPad T04 mini PC. As it has high configuration and high performance, this mini PC is definitely worth possessing.


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