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Why need a Bluetooth Game Controller for your device?

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The advancement in microchip technology has led to the manufacture of powerful computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These devices have a high computing capacity which enables them to run complex and more interactive games. Smartphone Gaming has become popular nowadays and games generate the highest revenue on AppStore and PlayStore.


However, playing a complex game using the virtual buttons on your smartphone is frustrating since you can accidentally touch a wrong button and end the game. You can prevent this problem and improve your gaming experience if you use bluetooth game controller. The controllers are portable and convenient and for these reasons, they are popular among game lovers. These controllers are in high demand and they have many positive customer reviews due to their unique features.

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Features of a good Bluetooth game controller

Highly portable

Portability is one of the main benefits of Bluetooth game controllers. A Bluetooth controller can fit into a small bag or purse since they are small in size. In addition, they are lightweight and you won’t get fatigue when carrying or using them.



When you have this controller, you can put your hand-held device such as a tablet at a distance and enjoy playing your game since the controller is wireless. The controller is able to connect to any Android, iOS or Windows device that accepts Bluetooth connections. The device doesn’t need to have root or any other additional drivers to pair with the controller. In addition, it also works perfectly with PS3. There are no connectivity problems provided the device is within its Bluetooth range. It offers a real-time connectivity to ensure there is no lag when playing.

 ps3 controller


Modern game controllers come with an inbuilt rechargeable lithium ion battery. This battery is long lasting hence you can play for many hours before recharging. This neat feature eliminates the need to constantly buy new disposable batteries. In addition, lithium-ion batteries are small in size thus reducing the size and weight of the controller.



Just like a standard PS3 controller, a Bluetooth controller has a comfortable feel. It has the standard XYBA gaming buttons and standard top finger triggers. The buttons are highly sensitive to ensure there is no flaw in performance.

ps3 controller


Most people especially youth spend most of their free time playing games on their handheld devices. Today’s smartphones are powerful and they offer a gameplay complexity and graphical fidelity that is similar to that of console games and PC. If you like gaming on your smartphone, you should use a Bluetooth game controller since it is portable and easy to use. Advice your fellow game lovers to use a Bluetooth game controller so that they can play their games with ease.

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