You Will No Longer Miss An Enemy with SADES SA707

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If you have the passion for playing shooting games, you must have bitter experiences of being killed by the enemy without caution. Enemies often hide in the position where you can not see, therefore, your hearing is much more important than your vision when playing shooting game, and a SADES SA707 high-fidelity gaming headphone is indispensable. You have to make sure that your footsteps have turn to the lightest mode so that you will not be discovered or killed by the enemies. At the same time, you have to hear your enemies footsteps at very first time, and get them down very fast.
SADES SA707SADES SA707 is designed according to the function of human body, even if you are playing for a long time, you will not feel uncomfortable. Earmuffs leather is in close skin texture which let player enjoy carefree and delicate touch. The headphone is unilateral design, compared with bilateral design, it can effectively avoid the inconvenience caused by lines tangling up. So you can freely keep your eye and ear on the game. In addition, you can hear almost the same level sound whether from the front, behind, left or right of the headphone’s two sides in the game environment. It is really comparable to a 360 degree radio, so you will never miss any enemy.
SADES SA707SADES SA707 is equipped with standard large diameter of 40 mm high-fidelity sound horns, you can hear pretty lowest and lightest sound in the game environment. Players will not miss the position of the enemies in that the high-fidelity allows to hear enemies’ footsteps. Especially when you hear the sound of victory from the game system, or the sound you have get KS, I bet you could not be too excited! If you like playing shooting game such as CS or CF, you better equip a high-fidelity headphone to make your new record.

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