F-ONE Bluetooth 4.0 3D Ring Mouse

Wireless F-ONE Bluetooth 4.0 3D Ring Mouse On Your Finger

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Recently, a wireless ring mouse is released on the market, called F-ONE Bluetooth 4.0 3D ring mouse. This mouse is different from the ordinary, and it is like a ring on your finger. Through motion sensor, you can make full use of this mouse easily and conveniently.

F-ONE Bluetooth 4.0 3D Ring Mouse

To know more about this new style cool and amazing ring mouse, you can read the following.

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This ring mouse is designed on the principle of human motion sensing. After Bluetooth low energy BLE4.0 connection, you can use this ring mouse. Generally, the stable reception distance is within 10 meters. The standby time of this mouse is 460 hours, and the working hours is 48 hours, quite durable for long time use.

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This F-ONE Bluetooth 4.0 3D ring mouse is easy to wear. Large forefinger is also applicable. It applies resilient finger strap portion, quite soft and comfortable. It is also equipped with two sets of soft patch for different finger sizes.

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This ring mouse is simple to use. Wearing the right index finger section, thumb contacting movement key area, the wrist is rotated to move the cursor function. Thumb left-click the left mouse button is to achieve common function. Thumb right-click is to achieve common right mouse button function. Moving the cursor to the command within 5 seconds without touching the thumb left-click, just the wrist or finger swiping, you can click or double-click the left mouse button function.

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This ring mouse is compatible with Mac OS, Android OS and Windows, which means you can make the most of this ring mouse in many aspects.

By now, you can clearly see what this F-ONE Bluetooth 4.0 3D ring mouse is really like and what it is capable of clearly from the above. It is no doubt that this ring mouse is super advanced, practical and functional for use. It is believe to be a great success.

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