Wireless Wifi Repeater

Wireless Wifi Repeater: Keep in Touch with the World

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Nowadays, people become more and more dependent on the Internet. When we follow Google to our destination, when we chat with our friends in messenge or Facebook, when we want to watch back last morning NBA games in Youtube…It seems that no matter what we do is related to Internet. But sometimes we will get into trouble that not every time there will be a network. So at this time, a portable WIFI is so necessary.
Wireless Wifi Repeater
Have you ever know something about portable WIFI? Wireless Wifi Repeater is designed for those who need to work on Internet even on business or travel in a strange place. Portable WIFI, as a WIFI can be brought whenever and wherever. By connecting wireless mobile router and wireless Internet chip to transform into a WIFI, you can receive or send messages.

There are several outstanding features of this wireless wifi repeater:
You can surf online whenever and wherever possible without any restrictions. And this one c is designed in 4.3*2.4*0.5 cm size and only weighs 226g so that you can put it in your pocket without trouble.
Generally speaking, many hotel don’t support their consumers with WIF or provide you this service with a high cost. So it is a wireless WIFI repeater that can help you save money.
Hackers are so smart and crafty that they will steal your information when you connect to a unsafe WIFI. On the contrary, a portable WIFI, as the private matter of yourself, you can take control it. Wavlink N300 adopts One-key WPS encryption.
·Easy Operation
It is so easy to install with the guide Help you eliminate WIFI dead zone, provide the wireless signal around you any time.
·Fast Speed
Wavlink N300 complies with the IEEE 802.11n/g/b standard, wireless transmission speeds can up to 300Mbps. Surf the web or video chat, online video player can easily to deal with.

But do you know how to use it?
1. Easy setting by smart phone, setting by iPhone is very easy(also by android).
2. Power on the device, push the mode button in the repeater side.
3. Open phone, choose “Wireless-N” and connect it after connect it successfully.
4. Open Safari, enter “”, need to enter ‘User name & Password’ , “admin” Choose “Repeater Wizard”, Scanned the wifi source, choose my wifi verify the PW.

Without any doubts, this wireless Wifi repeater Wavlink N300 will be your best partner of your trip.

Wireless Wifi Repeater:

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