Wonderful Ultra-thin Laptop, DaySky DK41

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Ultra-thin laptops have become more and more popular nowadays. This classification is a laptop style, compactness, lightness and modern hardware. Today, I’d like to introduce a ultra-thin Laptop to you guys, the DaySky DK41.

Like its more expensive sibling, ultra-thin laptop, DaySky DK41 has pleasing eye lid design with gradient effect and the DaySky brand logo in the center. Under the hood lies a white keyboard with black caps. The laptop has the minimum thickness of 9mm, maximum thickness of 19.88mm, and weighs 1.5 kg. It turns out that it is a little bigger and lighter than laptops of other manufacturers of similar price range.


DaySky DK41 has the 14 inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which provides a high quality visual enjoyment. The touchpad in this laptop is 20% larger than usual with no buttons, just a solid touchpad. DaySky DK41 is available in the version Intel(R) Bay trail Z3735F 4 Core. It stands fast SSD-drive capacity of 32 GB of data storage. The processor belongs to the class of Ultra low voltage, i.e. reduced power consumption due to low productivity. And the laptop can be started up in 10s, and waked up in 3s. The 10000 mAh high power capacity provides 8 hours battery life and brings convenience back to customers.


Sound from DaySky DK41 is excellent. The single channel stereo system carries with an internal high quality speaker, which provides powerful and rich sound. The DaySky decided not to skimp on the sound and built into a number of quite quality speakers themselves, with a wide range of sound and rather impressive bass. The sound was very high quality without any background noise. In total, there are five modes: “Standard”, “Music”, “Movie”, “Streaming” and “Speech”. By the way, if you are an online gaming lover, the Somic G938, a virtual surround sound gaming headset will be your right choice for more fantastic gaming experience.


Specifications of DaySky DK41:

Processor: Intel(R) Bay trail Z3735F 4 Core/1.33Ghz/Turbo Boost to 1,83Ghz;

Application: Entertaining/at Home/at Work/HD Video/Online Game/Windows 10/1080P Video Play;

Graphics processor: Intel(R) HD Graphics 384MB;

Screen: 14inch Backlit LED 16:9(1366 x 768);

RAM: 2 GB;

Hard disk: the SSD 32 GB;

Ports and connectors: USB x 2/HDMI Port/Power Port/Headphone Jack/TF Card Slot. (Note: RJ 45 Port is not included)

Battery: 10000mAh Li Polymer Battery;

Weight: 1.5 kg.

If you preorder the DaySky DK41 ultra-thin laptop at banggood.com now, a wonderful wireless optical mouse is free for you as a gift. Move on and get it. And the ultra-thin laptop just costs $189.99. Highly recommend!!!


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