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While advancements like short-throw projection are taking off and 4K resolutions are at last showing up en masse to outstanding quality, expensive projectors, spending projectors are improving. They’re getting sleeker plans, better picture quality, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Xiaomi projector

With a reduced plan, smart features built-in, and uphold for things like HDR10, on paper, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector has a ton to bring to the table. It’s planned and mountable on a stand, which is a pleasant touch and has Android TV worked in. In particular, it offers a decent picture with good HDR execution with a few caveats.

Yet, do those features mean an ideal encounter? Would it be a good idea for you to purchase a Xiaomi projector rather than a modest BenQ or Optoma beamer? We put the Xiaomi projector under severe scrutiny to discover.


At the point when you first take the Xiaomi Projector out of the box, you’ll notice how minimized it truly is. The device gauges in at 4.5 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches, sufficiently little to put on a small table handily. At 2.8lbs, it’s light enough to mount on a stand as well, and with the mount on the base, it’s anything but difficult to move the camera to the correct position.

Xiaomi projector

The remote’s design is excellent too. It’s pretty simple: you’ll get a primary power button and then basic software controls for Android TV — including a microphone button to trigger Google Assistant.


The projector depends on Android TV, and that makes it extremely simple to set up programming shrewd. You’ll sign in to your Google account, download the applications you need to utilize, and you ought to be a great idea to go.

It’s anything but difficult to set up as well, indeed. The projector has an auto-focus innovation incorporated right with it, which implies that you don’t need to manage physically center the picture. It would help if you changed the cornerstone, yet it’s commonly straightforward to do.

While Android TV gadgets are anything but difficult to set up, the general programming experience on this projector could be depicted as “frustrating.” The Android TV interface is pleasing, with its lines of applications and substance that you can undoubtedly get to — in addition to there are a considerable amount of streaming applications accessible to the stage. All your most loved applications are here, including the more up to date Disney+. Likewise, this is the primary Android TV projector to help Netflix, making utilizing a projector with Android TV much better for some clients. There’s no Apple TV+ on Android TV by and large at this time.

Xiaomi projector

You can’t stay away from the product either. Considering that the remote and programming is so fundamental, regardless of whether you utilize that solitary HDMI port for a streaming gadget, you’ll need to wander once again into Android to center the projector and change the picture. On the off chance that you plan on keeping the projector fixed, that likely won’t make any difference to most. Yet, those that arrange on moving it around will become acclimated to trusting that Android will get up to speed to just open the Settings application.


If you do traverse the product and figure out how to begin watching something, you’ll be charmingly astonished. The picture quality on this projector isn’t groundbreaking, yet it has a ton to bring to the table for something in this value range.

The projector offers a 1080p resolution and backing for HDR10, and the outcome is an excellent picture. You’ll get six image modes overall, including Standard, Movie, Vivid, Sports, Child Mode, and User Mode. However, it’s the right choice; in the end, we just stayed with Standard Mode, as it seemed to be the most normal. In case you’re audacious, you might have the option to get something you like more with User Mode.

Despite its small size, the projector can show a generally large projection — however, you will require a little space to get bigger pictures


Compact design

Good picture quality

Solid audio


Doesn’t get super bright

Android TV is slow

Ultra-basic remote


Some projectors will have a better picture quality in this price range, yet if you’re searching for the complete package of a built-in smart working system, an excellent sound quality, and a reduced plan, this projector is the best approach. Check out banggood.com for your quality and affordable projectors.

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