Redmi gaming monitor

Xiaomi Mi Surface 34-inch Gaming Display Review

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Xiaomi has produced digital devices beyond smartphones where they have enhanced their product variety which has boosted the market share of different product types. Today, we will take a look at one of Xiaomi’s greatest invention, the Redmi gaming monitor, on a deeper level.

Redmi gaming monitor

Designs and specs

The Mi surface comes with 2K, 1440 x 3440 ultra-clear resolution and a diagonal length of 34 inches, and a cinematic 21.9 aspect ratio. With a typical 3000: 1 contrast ratio it can display 16.7 million colors, and up to 300nit brightness. From these specs, it is clear that the Mi Surface it is a new competitive entrant. The Mi surface was literally designed for multimedia enthusiasts or gamers where is has refresh rate of 144Hz strengthened by AMD’s FreeSync technology and 4ms GtG response time.


The Mi surface appearance has a minimalistic design which is smarter than most traditional gaming display manufacturers. It makes it look more integrated and much lighter. Talking of the horizontal wide aspect, it gives a gaming experience and an incredible vision. For the connectivity, the Mi surface display has 2DP inputs, 2 HDMI inputs and audio output which has great compatibility for the general users or the gamers, to connect multiple devices.

Similar to other displays, the buttons are placed at the back of the indicators where you can see the Xiaomi logo at the back as well. The adjustable bracket of the display supports tilting, lifting, and rotating and can be replaced with a wall-mounted bracket. The input voltage is about 100V to 240V which means that it supports every voltage standard.


For the under high brightness, the contrast stably, brightness it remained at bout 1550:1 which is a quite good result. And the brightness changes are uniform and pretty stable without a significant distinction when having brightness adjustments.

OSD menu

Through the software optimizations, users can improve the gaming experience which provides several setting options, not the common settings like; contrast, brightness, color gamma, and so on. But it includes the multi-window modes, multiple image-presents, and Low blue mode and response speed settings. Streaking is one of the disadvantages of VA panels though the Mi surface display is no exception. But to reduce the streaking problems, the users have to open the high response speed settings

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