Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+

Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+ Electric Screwdriver Professional Review

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We buy new furniture for our offices, we also purchase wardrobes for our homes. Most of the time we want to unpack and install these for ourselves to save some money. Again, over time, the furniture just falls apart, and we need to fix them without really getting an expert. Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+ Electric Screwdriver makes such DIY work very simple, saving on both time and money. You want to have one of these screwdrivers to help during emergency fixes.

Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+

There are hundreds of different brands of powered screwdrivers in the market, and this makes it easy to be overwhelmed by the great number of choices to pick from. This is s one reason why we have chosen this specific brand, and describe exactly why it is better than other normal screwdrivers out there.

 Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+

How to choose?

First, you have the choice of getting cordless or cord screwdriver, depending on your needs. Cordless screwdrivers give you the freedom of movement while working. The handle is movable, making it possible to assume multi-positions while screwing. This machine has high voltage, reducing the time you need to work on a task. Our choice also gives you the best and unique design in the market. It is significantly lighter, making it more convenient. It is a good idea to balance between high-quality product and long-lasting battery life.

Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+

One of the winning factors for this electric tool is that has large charge capacity, it also comes with torque adjustable function. This screwdriver gives you the option to change the rotating force (torque) to have a better control and flexibility while working. When working with heavier and bigger screws, you will have to adjust to higher torque compared to when working with smaller screws.

Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+

Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+ Electric Screwdriver Features

  •    Comes with 18pcs screw bits
  •    Easy to use, built with slim S2 aluminum alloy outer body featuring open shape design
  •    8 hours functional built-in 2x AAA dry cell battery
  •    The design is a circuit ultra-precision flexible ensuring a long lifetime
  •    Clear vision provided by LED shadowless lighting
  •    Both manual and automatic operation design guaranteeing high working efficiency
  •    Multi-function including drilling, screwing, and threading

Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+

It is important to make a purchase of your screwdriver from the experts. You will get the professional advice you need before making your choice. You also get high quality and genuine brands from reputable manufacturers, like the Xiaomi Electric Screwdriver. You also get the guarantees to use your products for manufacture recommended period. This electric screwdriver is a must-have tool for different kinds of work. Whether for professional functions at the office, or whether you look forward to fixing things around your home, this is the pro tool that will get the job done right. It is a product you cannot afford to live without.



  1. This tool is life saver. For small Electronics it save me lot of time. The battery hold his charge for long time when i not use it. Some people says that has no power and torque but hay this is for very small parts, not a Car repair kit. For me and my needs is more then perfect. I really love that brand, they really deal exallent quality with very good price.

  2. I do a lot of electronics work — and a battery-powered screwdriver such as this saves you tons of effort if you’re working with hundreds of little screws at a time.

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