Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard Review

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First of all, Yuemi Keyboard comes with the classic TTC red axis. Of course, compared with the Cherry axis, it gets some nuances, but of which the feeling is still very similar, especially, when it is new. I think it is quite difficult to feel the basic advantages and disadvantages. As for the durability, the durability of the Cherry axis has been verified by the market, as a new mechanical shaft Brand, TTC, is officially claimed to be subjected to 50 million clicks. Anyway, it sounds great.


What’s more, the keyboard bracket and the desktop is 6 degree angle, in accordance with human engineering, effectively alleviating the finger fatigue after long time using. The FN function key can be used to lock the Win key in addition to adjusting the brightness, which is estimated to be designed for avoiding hanging the teammates during games. And also, the key line separation design is appreciated, plug and play. The master control is used to sense the main control chip.


This 87 keys mechanical keyboard is equipped with 3528 back to stick LED lamp, provides 6500K pure white temperature, and 6 grades of luminous brightness. Other features include 32 bit ARM architecture, 1000Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time.


Last but not least, Xiaomi Yuemi mechanical keyboard is available with a sweet price. It can be ordered now at Banggood by asking for $74.99, 13% OFF the usual price. And the promotion sale is from November 29 to December 26.


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