Zsun WIFI Card Reader Review

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Recently, WIFI card reader becomes more and more popular. To catch up with fashion, I get Zsun WIFI card reader for myself from Banggood, which is said to be cheap and fine.
Zsun WIFI card reader
On Banggood, this WIFI card reader only costs $14.99, having three kinds of colors for option. I like the blue one most.
Zsun WIFI card reader
After receiving it, I find out that this WIFI card reader is really mini, taking up little space, and I can put it into my pocket. The portable device requires no internet connection, cables, or router, so that I can take it with me everywhere I want. With this card reader, I can store and access to my music, videos, photos, and documents wirelessly on multiple devices. It can connect to up to eight devices simultaneously, so that I can quickly move files between all my mobile devices or share with my friends.
Zsun WIFI card reader
This WIFI card reader has TF card slot, supporting maximum 128GB TF card, able to store many data for me. Usually, I store many Hollywood movies in order to watch movies smoothly on weekends. That’ s really a great fun.

In a word, this Zsun WIFI card reader is a fashionable, advanced and cool item. It brings me great joy. I’ d glad that I have owned it.

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