ZSUN Wireless WIFI Flash Drive For Smart Storage

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ZSUN wireless WIFI flash drive looks like a regular flash drive, but it is a total upgraded version, capable of wirelessly storing, sharing and streaming movies, photos, music and documents across your smart phones, tablets and computers. By simply turning it on and connecting it wirelessly from your mobile device or computer, you can make full use of it.
ZSUN wireless WIFI flash drive
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Easy setup with ZSUN App
ZSUN wireless WIFI flash drive
Setting up the ZSUN is simple, just downloading the app onto your mobile devices. Connect your devices wirelessly to the drive, and you are able to start storing, sharing, and streaming wherever you go. For added security, you can use password to protect your WIFI connection.

Wirelessly streaming music, movies, and more
ZSUN wireless WIFI flash drive
The wireless flash drive allows you to store and access your music, videos, photos, and documents wirelessly on multiple devices, and the effective distance is up to 50ft. The drive provides up to 3.5 hours of continuous streaming on a single charge. To recharge, you can simply plug the drive into your USB 2.0 port.

Connecting to up to eight devices without internet connection
ZSUN wireless WIFI flash drive
The drive can connect to up to eight devices simultaneously, so that you can quickly move files between all your mobile devices or share with your friends. The drive can also stream video on up to five devices at once. The portable drive requires no internet connection, cable, or router, so that it can travel with you anywhere. And with 64GB of storage, this drive has plenty of space for all your favorite media and documents.

In a word, this ZSUN wireless WIFI flash drive is great and perfect for smart storage. No matter it is for work or entertainment, this flash drive is a useful and helpful equipment for you to have.

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